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Jas Panesar → Send them a message!

I solve interesting and even difficult problems. Have any?

@JasPanesar, Edmonton, Canada

Scott Brooks → Send them a message!

@scottbrooksca, Edmonton

Rachelle Saunders → Send them a message!

Pop culture, social media, feminism, LGBT awareness, and everything in between.

@afterthree, Edmonton, Alberta

Kyle Fox → Send them a message!

Hired goon @carbonmade. I drink whisky and build internet stuff.

@kylefox, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Mikel Lindsaar → Send them a message!

I run http://reinteractive.net/ and share my thoughts and ideas on business expansion and management to anyone that will listen :)

@lindsaar, Sydney, Australia

Bradley Grzesiak → Send them a message!

Bendyworks Co-Founder. Rubyist. Amateur Cryptographer. Former Aerospace Engineer. iOS Dev. Rejected Astronaut Candidate. Lunar Mining Expert. Software Craftsman

@listrophy, Madison, WI

Rodrigo Navarro → Send them a message!

Programador, rubysta, ciclista, idiota e estranho fisicamente.

@_reu, SBO / Campinas

Thomas Sinclair → Send them a message!

The Rails developer behind @timeshareapp and a few other odds and ends.

@anathematic, Sydney

Matthew Conway → Send them a message!

Gentleman, Rubyist & Go enthusiast

@mattonrails, St. Augustine, Florida

Ben Mills → Send them a message!

President - Unfiniti. iOS, Mac OS X, and Java software engineer. System administrator. Author of JewelryBox - The Official OS X RVM GUI

@Remear, Provo, UT

Evan Sparkman → Send them a message!

Aspiring Rubyist, Husband, Father.

@esparkman, Alpharetta, GA

Hector E. Gomez M → Send them a message!

Ruby and Rails Developer

@hectoregm, Mexico City, Mexico

Rohit Arondekar → Send them a message!

I love web development & open source software.

@rohitarondekar, India

Mario Visic → Send them a message!

Y2k Preparation Specialist, Ruby developer and all around nice guy. I also like sports and cheesecake! Born in Split, Croatia. Living in Perth, Australia.

@mariovisic, Perth, Western Australia

gnufied / Hemant K → Send them a message!

Taking new wings.

@gnufied, Bangalore

experience|web → Send them a message!

Desenvolvimento Web


Bo Jeanes → Send them a message!

Software aficionado, harbinger of semantic web, guitarist, martial artist, code artist, and lover of (vegetarian) foods from Italy, Japan, Mexico, and India

@bjeanes, Chicago

Hugh Evans → Send them a message!

Developer at @icelab

@hughevans, Canberra

Warren Seen → Send them a message!

Rails Developer. Reformed Freelancer. Wrangling code for @reinteractive

@warren_s, Newnham, TAS, Australia

John Maxwell → Send them a message!

Rubyist, PHP fluent Javascript developer, with an interest in SOA and large scale applications. Massive LFC + RedSox fan.

@jgwmaxwell, Worcester, UK

Abhishek Nalwaya → Send them a message!

Author, Blogger, Hacker and sometime a cook . I love to work in Ruby, Rails, Rhomobile and JQuery in Agile Way. Find Rhomobile book at http://amzn.to/GMITuF

@nalwayaabhishek, Pune,Mumbai,Jaipur

Dennis Reimann → Send them a message!

Software developer from Bremen, Germany - GitHub fanboy, interested in Ruby and Rails and Werder Bremen :)

@dennisreimann, Bremen, Germany

Rashmi → Send them a message!

i like to do code in RubyonRails

@raysrashmi, Gurgaon, India

Priit Tamboom → Send them a message!

Software developer, a bit entrepreneur and ruby coder since 2006.

@priit, Tallinn

Hatem Mahmoud → Send them a message!

Team Lead at eSpace

@HatemMahmoud, Egypt

Vivek Agarwal → Send them a message!

Bangalorian, Googler, techie - wanna be a wanderer

@stauntonknight, India

Hendrik Louw → Send them a message!

Web Application Developer turned System Developer, DevOp. Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Puppet. Would you like a cookie?

@hendrik_louw, -26.08229317,27.94284797

Maciej Litwiniuk → Send them a message!

ProgRails CEO / GaldoMedia CTO. Rails coder, opensource enthusiast, RuPY conference co-organizer, sometimes a speaker.

@mlitwiniuk, Poznań, Poland

Nathan Youngman → Send them a message!


web programmer 2.0

@nathany, #yeg

Bradly Feeley → Send them a message!


Ruby developer, mountain climber, design lover, coffee drinker, God fearer.

@bradly, San Diego, Ca

Sagar Bommidi → Send them a message!

@sagarbommidi, Banglore

Sharath Patel → Send them a message!

Ruby on Rails Developer at cleartrip.com

@Sharathsteel, Bengalooru

Douglas Alexandre → Send them a message!

Software Developer and Agile Methodology Enthusiast

@dbalexandre, Brasil

pulkit pancholi → Send them a message!

@pulkitpancholi, Ahmedabad

Tim Fletcher → Send them a message!

Ruby, Python, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone, Rails, Django

British web developer at Lift Interactive in Edmonton, Canada. I built https://monogr.am

@TimFletcher, Edmonton, Canada

Alan Harper → Send them a message!

Ruby, Ops, Some JS

Geek. Ruby, Rails, Devops, social hacking, cycling, photography.

@aussiegeek, Melbourne

Matt Gallivan → Send them a message!

Basic Ruby / HTML / JS, Ability to misunderstand concepts in a single bound

Scared of Rails.


Michael Deering → Send them a message!

Numbchucks and I could go run and get some Oodle Noodle for the rest of the team...

You had me at "Hello World."

@mdeering, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

German Gomez → Send them a message!

Java, C, Javascript

I am originally Venezuelan, curious, love music and food, and facts! WARNING: I like to start debates, so don't hate me


Jason Wall → Send them a message!

Ruby, JavaScript, Java, .NET, DB optimization

Student of the world, entrepreneur, recovering perfectionist, toxic-shame survivor, philosopher, code-smith. Follow @jayvmSolutions to see what I'm working on.

@thejayvm, Edmonton, AB

oivoodoo → Send them a message!

Ruby, Javascript, Html5

I am a developer from Belarus/Minsk. Ruby/Javascript.

@oivoodoo, Belarus, Minsk

Ready to Rumble

People that are teamed up and ready to go.

@MarkBennett (Mark Bennett)

@tsmango (Thomas Mango)

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